Snakes with Blotches

The males average around 2 feet long, females up to 4 feet.

Easy to identify because of it's uptuned nostral scale, resembling the nose of a hog.  That upturned nostral scale is used to dig up Gulf Coast Toads, it's favorite meal.

Harmless and non-venomous, this snake is often confused for a cobra.  When afraid, it's first line of defense is to flatten it's neck out and make itself look like a king cobra, while hissing very loud.

If that doesn't deter you, it will defacate all over itself, open it's mouth, stick it's tongue out, and writhe over onto it's back, appearing to be dying.

This snake exhibits one of the neatest defensive behaivors is all of the animal kingdom!

Adults up to 6'+ long.

The most common snake I get calls for.  It varies in color, pattern and size, especially during development.

Young rat snakes have a clearly defined pattern and are much more colorful than adults.